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[22 Aug 2004|07:49pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I love you, Ed.

It's a damn shame that the "Michael" single isn't 'chart ineligible'. It's a very damn good song.

Loads of Samaritans and masturbation. Cait isn't having sex with me =\ I should've been having sex with my band mates but I'm WAY behind on that and no one wants to fuck the bald drummer. Oops, I meant "shag". But if Thom insists..

Christina gave me the urge to eat some pineapple. Such a delightful fruit that I could eat forever until my lips start to bleed. Aahh.

I'm not emo, like Thom. Well, yet. It's Samaritans. Crying is always good.

!!! Did Cait just ask me for sex????! DAMN! No. Just the laundry. Well fuck me, woman :(

Leo's been throwing firecrackers down the loo hole. It's quite funny, but Gram Lora hates it. Cait's always untwisting her knickers.


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ouch [20 Jul 2004|03:04am]
[ mood | WHAT DO YUO THNK ]

Why dose beign drnk make it easir? To say Iam sorrrryry?? I just knoe somehow ive beeen a big fucknig WANKEER.
I can hera punchup ata wedding on the tellly. Thom's... thom youre SEXY. DIid I ever tell yuo how great he is? He''s the ebst mate EVER and teh way he makse you feel is incredibsible. IAM STILL WAITNNG FOR MY LETTER THOMAS EDWARD FUCKNG YORKE,
And WEEEEEEEEEzer! They had a bit ruff liek US. Withh that one album. poor Blokes. Poor COZZie. I love you mate, I raelly do. I hope all is WELL WITH YOUJ! i'm sorry for being a wanker guys.

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[19 Jul 2004|03:22pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hi. Finally got those replacement cymbals. I love Nigel for forever more than ever. I really hope some people know what they're doing. I went to someone's house where there was a party. I didn't know them, they didn't know me. I just sat and listened to their confessions of teenage life. Nothing spectacular because I know what they're talking about. Oh god.. a few more years. I want a daughter. I need to be a softie but Cait isn't enough. She's the most beautiful thing in the world. Ow, she's hidden my scarves because well, you know, it IS summer now. Sometimes she'll leave the air thing off and I love it cos she walks around in this.. slip I guess you'd call it. Very sexy. Though I see, I don't stare.
I've bought a drum machine so I'm going to play with that and hope something will inspire me.

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is it safe to say? [30 Jun 2004|04:26am]
[ mood | awake ]

What can I say?

Okay, I just typed this out this entire thing in many paragraphs and the bloody computer freaks out. I'll try to do my best, re-attempting the previous acts.

I was in fact at the "Other Stage" at Glastonbury this past weekend. Snow Patrol, Von Bondies, Damien Rice, Chemical Brothers, and Franz Ferdinand were all real good acts, especially the latter. I wanted to dance, but this bald guy doesn't dance. I was stupid enough to wear a dark suit but I bet I looked extremely sexy with sunblock dripping down my face.

Uh, walking the streets at night is horrible. Not because it's the streets or it's at night, it's walking when I should be running. I just don't have the energy to run, though I desperately want to. Im' tired. Three kids, boys, is a lot of work. Sometimes I wonder how Cait does it with her at-home job and balancing between all three boys. Leo usually spends his time with me because he feels that he's a growing man, which he is.
Not touring is a real killer, too. I've been watching copies of MPIE and the Glastonbury gig(all of us own copies, some of us multiple) to keep the feel of touring around when I most need it. I even sometimes put on our albums and play along because I'm so bored. Wop.

COz' birthday party is this weekend. I hope to get real drunk in hopes that some guy will kick my arse for being a wanker, you know, just to see what it's like. Or we all get piss drunk,run around town like complete idiots and create havoc or have massive makeout sessions like the good old days. Hahaha, then I'll be able to get a bit of sleep.

Leo wants to see Harry Potter again, aye. I'll take him to an earlier show and then take him to see Farenheit 9/11 following after. I'm so cruel.

Well, it is early so I might want to get some sleep now. Tomorrow is flying kites with the family and some goddamn coffee and sweets to RUN.

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[18 Jun 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I can't sleep. No, I don't know why so don't ask :P

We're still here, but on break. Comprende? We've kids, you know. And why'd that kid have to put it all on me? I honestly see myself with these guys for years because we're all good friends and can stand each other even if it seems like we don't.

I think I might take a nice, long, hot bath. Cait said those always seemed to make people relaxed and tired. <3

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[06 Jun 2004|01:02am]
I hate Sundays.
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[29 May 2004|10:26am]
[ mood | happy ]

Nobody knows what we're doing, and we don't even know.

But for now, we're taking care of our loving families while they take care of us. Cait wants Leo in school this year, for an early start I guess. A bit worried. I think we should wait a year, but she's the mother.

How in the hell does someone like me forget my own birthday?
I don't know. But... it was last Sunday. I can't seem to remember anything about it. Maybe I was too drunk.. what the hell did you guys do to me?! Oh please tell me there weren't any strippers involved.

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Oh burn! [17 May 2004|12:13am]
[ mood | amused ]

Jonny: What the hell?
Colin: Yeah... that's what mom said when you came out.

I've bought you some paint, Jonny, so you can concentrate really hard on learning the colors. And I get sad when I think about you turning 80, but still looking 17. I'll just be even more unrecognizable and my head will have rolls of skin. Fuck that, I'm going to work my arse off, you'll see.

I've been watching the movie Hook over and over again for a while now. With my kids, but I don't know why. It sort of brings out the little kid in me that I've lost years ago. Just the imagination and I don't know..the movie just makes me happy. And the little girl singing that beautiful song gets me teary-eyed.
Look into my lemon. Speaking of lemons, don't buy me any. Buy me gummi bears and Thom Yorke underpants. Hmm..
I've started most of these sentences with "I've". I've been thinking about buying one of those treadmills. I always get a cold when I run in the rain and those cold medicines, although tasty, do not work.

I hate Sundays.

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[05 May 2004|11:25pm]
Bugger. <3
OOCCollapse )
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remind me of this.. [27 Apr 2004|07:53pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Are the blinky icons too much? 3 icons just isn't enough, I like a variety. Maybe I should buy this account soon.

Ice cream with Thom was refreshing. He didn't seem troubled with the thoughts of the world, he was just happy to have some soothing, creamy ice cream to calm the wounds of his throat. I'm so corny, haha. We haven't had much of a chat since well over a few weeks ago and I'm not sure why, but I'm remembered of how much of a good, sane person he can be. Maybe he's just tired and can't handle the excrutiating amount, weight of thoughts and feelings that he makes himself deal with.. I really admire Thom and I purposely avoided these derranged topics because I don't want him to crack.

We conversed about our families and how much the children have grown. I couldn't help but smile, such precious things they are. These are the things that keep us sane and whole and happy and make life worth it...

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[27 Apr 2004|02:47pm]
Damn it! I spoke too soon and damn jinxed ourselves. I'm sorry! :(
But I can guarantee you that if Thom wasn't bickering at the kid's who stole his fuax J. LO sunglasses (excluding the matching scarf), we wouldn't be in this mess. Not that it's your fault Thom :| (Please don't kick me out)

We've cancelled the show for tonight and we're gonna spend the rest of the day RESTING. Hoorah. I could go for some icecream. Coachella is coming, I am aware of this, haha.

Jonny! You and I should make him some pancakes in the morning! He will enjoy it even if we have to shove it down his throat! He likes blueberries, dun he? And whipped cream? Things could get dirty. :o
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[26 Apr 2004|08:34pm]
"If I turn into a big frog on stage then come up and kiss me. Please forgive or kiss my throat frog, I'd prefer lots more kisses than forgiveness."

And I'd kiss your bum, especially during Myxomatosis. I wish we didn't have to play that one so early. But Talk Show Host and the old 'teque made up for it. Er-

I would hate it if we postponed tomorrow, in fact we all feel that way. I don't know what's wrong with Thom's throat but he's been sucking on those cough drop things, so I hope he'll be fit for tomorrow. I believe that he'll pull through and pull of a much, much better show.
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[25 Apr 2004|11:32pm]
Hey civilians! Yeah you :]

Who wants to make me an icon? I know you're all just dying to, so here's your chance!

Three more bloody shows, not that I'm complaining, unlike Thomas. I just want some good quality sleep without having to take sleeping pills. Somebody hide my candy box, Phil needs a consequence.
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[22 Apr 2004|06:06am]
[ mood | tired ]

Jonny and I make the best pancakes. Ever. I don't care what you say.

Move over IHOP.

I was so full that I had to unzip my pants and take a nap. Man were they delicious! We just went crazy and drenched them with syrup, butter, and jam, yum!I got some in his hair, shh don't tell! You all have no idea what you're missing. Especially the rest of the gang with their diets. Pfft. But I must confess that I need to take a run.

We play in Australia tomorrow and for another 3 days, then a few days off, mostly travel. Again. Grr.
Coachella on Saturday. I'm telling you right now, that I'm so bloody nervous! We're playing "with" The Pixies and the day's show is sold out, it's crazy! I remember the first day we played with Michael and I was puking my guts out from being so nervous. I'm so terrible, haha.

*runs off, literally*

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EEEEEHA! [16 Apr 2004|04:57am]
[ mood | awake ]

A sort of day off, mostly travel, and then we're playing in Tokyo. Tokyo again, then we're off down undah to Australia, mate. Haha, oh I want a picture of a kangaroo.

Jonny's already gone crazy with the shopping here. He isn't going to need half of the stuff he bought in a week. But I have to say that I am guilty for purchasing things for the kids and loads of sweets. They've got a lot of goodies, M-M-M-M-M! I just can't help myself.

Thom & Coz begging me to get off the 'puter, which makes me wonder what they're up to. But I shall drop that and enjoy the scenery. Boy do I need a run.

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36! [15 Apr 2004|10:20am]
[ mood | drained ]

Second show and I'm winded! I haven't felt that good in a long time.

Just wanted to pop in and say:

Dear Ed o_brien:


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i will(can) not control myself [05 Apr 2004|03:33am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I've gained 6 pounds. SIX!!!

I need some samaritans..

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[12 Mar 2004|08:06pm]
I can't let these feelings of anger out around Cait and my children so I've gone to a little house on the prarie. I'm at a cafe and I need to figure things out for a while. Sorry. Much Love.
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[28 Feb 2004|05:39pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Little did I know that Saturday was Nigel's day in the studio until my cymbals were thrown out the window.


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[ mood | chipper ]

She awakened. Such a beautiful thing, she. She smells of honeydew mint. Yummy. I had prepared a bit of a breakfast in bed dealie for her: eggs, bacon, bangers, toast and some juice. Fantastic sex in the shower. That was great. Then I fed her applesauce while I wore the knee high socks. She let me dress her and do her up all pretty. I made her wear an old summer dress that has little flowers on it. Gave her pearls around her neck, ruby red lipstick, and a pretty, old hairpiece that puts aside her beautiful hair. She looked fucking sexy. SEX, applesauce. Told her all the things I loved about her. Caring of the kids, biting her lip, SEX, applesauce. How she can stand me. We played hide and go seek, because we're goofs. Wine, sweets, shoes, some lovely nighties, more wine, roses, cuddling, sex and applesauce. We tok many pictures and locked them in a tiny box hidden in the...well I don't know where she put it.

Lovely. Kids are back. Much work in the studio. Had coffee and milkshakes with Jonny. Mmmmmm.. He likes to play with his swishy hair when no ones watching. But I noticed, because I'm a sneaky son of a bitch. I didn't mean to make you cry. Let's beat up Colin!

I love my children <3 :)

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